Contemplating our own mortality is frightening and difficult. We all know that death is inevitable, and yet we choose to live as though our own mortality will always remain in the distant future. At some point, whether it is due to the death of a loved one, or an unexpected diagnosis, we find that the time has come to consider it. In this session, we will talk candidly about your options, your choices, and your wishes as I help you to create an End of Life Plan and Living Will. The purpose of which is to help you to have the end of life experience that you want, keeping in mind that we deserve comfort and quality of life even at the end, because our lives hold value up to the moment that they cease. This careful thought and planning helps your loved ones by making the hard decisions for them, so that in the pain of losing you, they will have the comfort of knowing that your desires were respected.  

For this session it is best to have one or two relatives or friends present, preferably the person(s) who agrees to be your first and second choice health care proxies. A health care proxy is the person you choose to make important health decisions for you if you are unable to. It is best to choose someone who will be able and willing to track appointments and medications, someone who will ask questions and who is able to manage the complexities of navigating the health care system. They may also need to stand for your wishes amidst the conflicting desires of other loved ones. Your proxy's presence at this session assures that they know your wishes and they will also serve as a second witness, which will make your living will a legally binding document intended to guide your doctors and loved ones in order for you to have the death that you want. This session takes approximately 3 hours.